Bento addicted

Hurray I can join the bento challenge community!
Tonight I’m preparing a celebrating bento : that’s four years I’m with….my sweet heart. But before this so waited bento, I’ll have a try and post my today’s lunch box:

Bento content:
Raspberry pie, banana and prune
-Goat cheese rice balls
-Flower shaped carrots, cucumber, salad, cherry tomatoes,
-Egg pancake stuffed with soya beans.

I love to add a little bit of cream on top of the raspberry pie, but it doesn’t bare staying half a day in a bento box…This is better for my belly! ( – -;)

One Response to “Bento addicted”

  1. Tea break, one year of cooking with you « Experiments in dessertarian cooking Says:

    […] a little too busy lately to realise that it is has been one year since I’ve decided to post my first bento. One year since I had the courage to speak out my recipes, one year since I decided to let you in […]

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