A try for ducks

So this is my today’s bento: the duck family. I’m a bit sad I don’t have these picks with ducks that you can find on the net and maybe I should have thought to do some less discrete wings. Well, eventhough, this is my try:

Bento content :
Rice coloured with turmeric and soya sauce
Tomatoes fried with vinegar
Vegetable stir, radishes
-Two coconut cookies (yeah, I’m fond of coconut).

It was really tasty! Even cold it was quite good. I’ll keep this bento in mind for a week-end size bento! I did more than 40 cookies, for my own…No, come on! I offered 30 for a friend’s birthday, and kept ten for me. *Greedy girl*!

2 Responses to “A try for ducks”

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