Cabbage for all week…

So this is my tomorrow bento. Not very hard to prepare:

Bento content:
-Broccoli, cabbage with sesame, carrot
White beans
-Ginger broth rice.

I’m really unhappy with my camera. I can do whatsoever, it always finishes to be blurred…I wish I had a new one… think I should wait for my birthday and better days…
I feel all happy with the bento. I hope that cold it’ll be okay. I find a new trick to avoid bacteria to proliferate: I’ve bough fake ice cubes which are round and coloured.
When I’ll be less tired I’ll post my late meals with cabbage. Yes, I bought a cabbage, and a cabbage for one person isn’t easy! But I managed to do very different meals with the same vegetable! So proud!

2 Responses to “Cabbage for all week…”

  1. Fossettes Says:

    I know the cabbage problem and often use the freezer to manage it. You did a good job with your apple. I love it! + wasn’t able to send you the metalic bento photo yet but have it in my phone (in progress!)

  2. Zoe Vegetarian Says:

    I have unfortunately no freezer here, this explain my search for cabbagy recipies…

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