=Back= Train and food

Bento content:
-Mini cream cheese sandwichs
-Tomato salad with egg, olives and pickles
-Pear with sesame corn, sultana ans almonds.
-Apple stew with cinnamon and strawberries.

I enjoyed this bento. Usually on the train I don’t feel quite fit at all. I don’t really know why but after half an hour I feel a bit disturbed…and fall asleep. So whatever I eat usually finishes to have no taste.And this time was absolutely the same…
I didn’t even manage to finish the top tier…I ate it later in the day. But this wasn’t really the aim of this post (-_-;)
Each time I open a bento in the train, most of the people turn and try take a look at my meal…hey, yes! Though I’m on a train I can eat a proper meal, well balanced, healthy and so cheaper than any of the meals you can find on board!
I just can’t understand why people don’t fill up their tupperware when knowing they’ll be on lunch time in a train! No they sort of take this thing out of their mind and when lunch time comes the smell of food and their stomach will make them eat anything they could buy…and therefore they most of the time eat junk food. Poor stomach! I can’t imagine that…feeling mostly sick…eating junk food would literally kill me! ( ^-^ ) I just fell unease each time I go and fetch my bento box. Usually I tend to take discrete one but for some reasons I had this flashy and so cute happy balloon orange bento. So you just can’t go un-remarked.

Hey so now I’m in Paris and I take this great opportunity to go tomorrow and find a metal bento box fossettes told me about…


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