I’ve been tagged by Fossettes. Thank you for this friendly thought.

La règle du jeu :
Mettre le lien de la personne qui vous a taguée. Mettre le règlement sur votre blog. Répondre aux 6 questions. Taguez 6 personnes la fin de votre billet en mettant leur lien. Avertir directement les personnes taguées sur leur blog.

Food you dislike: sea food, though I really force myself to eat some at least once in two months. (What an idea! I’m sure that with time I’ll get used to the taste and be able to appreciate them. It somehow fails at each try…God knows why!)

Three favorite food: fruits, spinach, and mom’s coffee cake!

Favorite recipe: nothing thrilling but it’s the meal I love when I feel a bit sad or ill: steamed potato, cream spinach, and poached eggs. Somehow this meals cheers me up.

Favorite drink: tea, of course! I’m a bit fussy about the quality of tea by now. This is the drawback of drinking so much tea.

Dream recipe (not already realised): cake decorating. I just don’t dare yet to try, and I need a bit more time. Add that to decorate a cake means that I should make a cake bigger than the one person muffin size cake I do! I just dream over recipe books on cake decoration. One day I’ll dare…This will be A day!

Best culinary memories:
The bentos I did for Bisounours_51. I had just a marvelous time making them, and I was so happy when I saw the smile on his face! What a reward!

Person I tag: I apologise in advance for the persons I tag (if it annoys you), but I really enjoy following your blogs: Maki, lalalady, pikkopots, aichigo, mihhon, audrey.

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