Lunch in Strasbourg

Bento content:
-Spaghetti with the garlic tomato sauce and pieces of “gendarme” sausage
-A flower of “vienerla” sausage
-Little salad with tomatoes and mushrooms
-Kiwi and madarin
-Strawberry can with salad sauce.

I learnt a new trick (thanks to Bisounours_51) when the spaghetti are cooked just wash them with cold water. This trick just convinced me that cold spaghetti could be really tasty.
Most of the meal can be eaten cold (except greasy and creamy stuff) but cold food loses most of their taste. So to preserve the tasty part of your meal, I play with spices. Here garlic and spicy vinegar salad sauce. I’m okay with plain fruits as I’m so fond of them. The idea to cut the mandarin is quite good if you except that it leaks a bit and that it’ll give an orange taste to your kiwi….


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