The true bento

Bento content:
-Salad flower with tomato centre and “vienerla” sausage centre
-Coral lens
-Grated carrot and cabbage
-Flower of fruits : pear, apple, mandarin, banana with chocolate spread.

This bento is for me the real spirit of bento. This bento is not my creation, but a present from Bisounours_51. A bento made with love for me. And what was the best is that the flower did hold in place through long trip to work. This day, I really understood the reason why some mums can be waking up so early to prepare a colourful and artistic bento for the smile of their kids. I can understand their pleasure. And the taste of your meal is so much better when it has been done lovingly. This incites me to do pretty bento to share. And now, I understand the pleasure my mom has when preparing us meals…it’s her way to say how much she cares about us. (My dad is really lucky as my mum cooks pretty well!)
I enjoyed the fruity tier the most: the crunchy and soft texture of the different fruits that were mixed. The chocolate spread gave a very delicate taste.
I’m such a lucky person! *Jealous?*

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