Bento treat

Bento content:
-Courgette sticks with basil
-Turnip stick spiced with hot curry
-Ginger flavoured rice
-Two raw salmon flowers
-Carrot sticks with cinnamon spice
-Pepper flavoured mushrooms
-Broccoli tree.
All of these lying on a salad leaf.

The veggies were ceased with their spices in a hot pan for a few minutes. In case, I would be hungry before arriving home, I prepared a “snack” bento (it’ a 300ml box):
Bento content:
-Nutella stuffed vanilla rice ball
-Kiwi, mandarin,apple and pear slices.

It was really tasty. I enjoyed the vanilla rice stuffed with chocolate spread. The only thing which was weird is that the mandarin flavour was there too! Next time I should pack them apart or in a way they won’t touch other things.
I enjoy these snack bentos. It’s a little treat as I enjoy so much fruits and since I’m grumpy when hungry…I’d rather eat! Oh, it’s only for the sake of the others…


One Response to “Bento treat”

  1. Mook Says:

    love the cow!
    never tasted sweet rice. sounds inticing.

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