Love bento for poorly girl

Bento content:
-Salad leaf
-Omelette made with thinly sliced bacon and potatoes
-Carrot, tomato with salad cream or horseradish, mushroom with chilli centre, cabbage finely sliced.

Yesterday, I was ill. We were meant to go to the swimming pool, but somehow I managed to close my eyes for five minutes and…I was awaken long after with a big bowl of pumpkin soup with a few slices of vinerla sausages floating that Bisounours_51 had prepared for me. So this morning, when I woke up, I sighed. No bento today, so I’ll have to buy some take away. I opened the fridge for my milk and…I saw my bento box in the fridge! My dear Bisounours_51 had prepared me a bento for my lunch! I was so happy! The taste was really great. The only thing was that he didn’t cut the omelette into tiny pieces so I had to find a knife.
I was really happy! Who wouldn’t!


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