Meat again…

Bento content:
Minced meat with egg
Chili beans
-Cherry, strawberry, apricot, fig.

For the first time I find a veg and fruit market in Montpellier that offered very good quality fruits and veggies for low price. I had to walk for one hour or so, but it was really worth the fruits and veggies have such a good taste. So by the way, I continued and bought a little bit of meat a the butcher. This guy was really nice he gave me tiny pieces of meat without annoying me. Usually in supermarkets I can either only buy pre-packed meat (which is way too much for me) or have a lot of difficulties to have a tiny pieces at the butcher’s. Finally my shopping was even cheaper than usual and the quality is much better. Conclusion, I’ll have to book my next Saturday morning for shopping!
This week I was most of the time eating at restaurants in Lyon and somehow it seems that there meals are essentially composed of meat. Well, for a veg-eater like me it was really harsh. Still, I tried to prepare myself a bit of meat by hiding inside a boiled egg. The result is quite nice to look, and I even enjoyed eating it. I cut mine into two for two reasons: first I’m not a fan of meat so half is more than enough, and secondly it’s much more prettier to see the hidden egg, no?
If you manage to make a form with these egg moulds go ahead. I just didn’t manage yesterday evening, maybe too tired from the journey back from Lyon…

Hurry girl sandwich

Bento content:
Moroccan bread
-Lump-fish egg
-Cream cheese, egg
-Carrot, broccoli, cabbage

I got somehow fed up of eating rice everyday for more than a week, lunch and dinner. And this week-end I made four types of jam, so I definitively wanted to taste some. (The recipes of the jams will be updated when I’ll manage to do pretty photos).
The bento was really done too quickly as I had really few time and few left in the fridge. I’m really unhappy with it. If someone has a way to cook eggs in a microwave such that it would be smooth enough to use for decorating. I’ll have a few more tries, maybe somehow I’ll find how…
These breads were so great. I enjoyed to eat this bread with my home-made jam!

Naturally green colored rice

Bento content:
Rice with cabbage and courgette
-Pickles, broccoli, carrot
-Lump-fish egg, egg

As usual there are carrots and cabbage hidden underneath the nice broccoli trees. This bento came out naturally without any previous thought. Somehow it was a good surprise the way it came out! It was a pleasure to see the bento slowly create this picture. The previous ones were drawn or thought at least before I started cooking
I’ll give you the recipe of my green coloured rice (it was much more green than on the photo) but you can find other ways to naturally colour rice on Maki’s blog entry.
Hihi, I really enjoyed this bento it was really tasty.

Red Cross

Bento content:
-Cherry, melon
-Milky rice
-Almond paste.

Hihi, this bento is to thank the Red Cross for this wonderful week I spent learning to become a first aider. I think it isn’t necessary to debate: the message is clear. I’ll try to become a volunteer when I’ll be in Poland for the international Red Cross, but it might be difficult as I don’t speak Polish yet.
Let’s focus on cooking! The rice is cooked with milk instead of water and with a drop of vanilla (one of rice for two and a half of milk). I didn’t add any sugar as I had planned to accommodate it with almond paste, which is really sugary. The writing and the teddy’s eyes, nose, button and feet are done with hot chocolate and a piping nozzle of size 2.
It was really tasty. I enjoyed eating a sweet meal for a change. It was also a great opportunity to try my piping skills (poor and needs training!).

Couple of Dogs

Bento content:
-Carrot, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce
-Miso omelette.

So once again the same ingredients, but different presentation and different tastes. The rice the carrot and cabbage are plain (for once), the broccoli was flavoured only with a stock cube. The omelette was mixed with milk and I add some miso for the taste. The fact that miso is a really strong flavoured I preferred to leave aside the flavouring of the vegetables and rice.
I put a coat of carrots on the bento box, and only a few for decoration on the top.
This bento was really quick too 30 minutes.

So did I fulfill the challenge?