Day out at Perpignan

Bento content:
Vegetable tian
Corn salad, gingery lens
-Strawberry and a mini apple pie.

Today, I went to visit Perpignan with a friend. First stop under the shadow of a palm-tree in the royal gardens of the Majorque kings, to eat our bentos. It was really appreciable to feel the sun on our face, eating our meals. I had prepared also two little snack bentos for us two (see the end of the page) that we ate later on after the visit of the palace (or castle as you like). I really enjoyed the town centre, and the visit of some expositions:

  • Robert Doisneau Ateliers d’artistes: which were photos of painters of this century.
  • Racines d’elle Zeyno Arcan: the artist paints the body of her models which then roll themselves on the painting. With some final retouches it gives this.
  • Gala album: the Muse of Salvador Dali.

It was really great. I came back shattered out!

But just awake enough to give the recipes of the ginger lens and vegetable tian! First of all, I don’t really like lens. But I’ve got this habit to eat at least once a month stuff I don’t enjoy eating…So today it was lens. The verdict: I like lens cooked this way! So, my strange habit to force myself to eat stuff I don’t like, had good influence!
And for the question: why did I mash the lens?, the answer is: our body does not assimilate the skin of the lens and the beans. To be sure that I’ll assimilate it I prefer to mash rather than trust my chewing…huhu!
Just to tease your appetite, this is the little snack bento we had for a treat.
Snack content:
-Mandarin, prune, 2 chaussons aux pommes, apple pie.

Perpignan was a really great day out!


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