Blossom of cup cakes

These cupcakes were my first try towards cake decoration. I made 30 of them for a party we have at work today. I prepared them on Sunday though, because I couldn’t imagine when I would find the time on Monday or Tuesday! The cake is a carrot cake. I’ll give you the one person recipe (yeah…it’s much better no?)
To melt the chocolate I have this wonderful machine:I purchased it on Sunday at a flea market for five Euro! Incredible isn’t it? It melts the chocolate (at 60 degrees) and keeps it melted (at 43 degrees). What’s wonderful with it is that I can’t even buy the spatula at this price…and it was included! That was a bargain!

3 Responses to “Blossom of cup cakes”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    Sympa tes cupcakes à toi aussi
    Pour la pâte à sucre, je l’achéte toutes faites sur un site anglais, on gagne du temps en l’achetant tout faites
    Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire sur mon site de gâteaux rigolos
    A bientôt

  2. Zoe Vegetarian Says:

    Thank you for your comment! 🙂

  3. Zoe Vegetarian Says:

    I would like to thank a friends for testing the recipe and telling me I forgot to add the carrots to the mixture! Hihi, I’m a bit a scatterbrain…

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