Pyrex bento box review

I purchased this glass bento box in a little cooking shop in Montpellier “Emprin” for 8euros 20. (I have no affiliation with this shop). It wasn’t easy though to find a shop selling it!
The lid is in plastic, and the rest is in glass. It has the same weight as my other plastic double tier bento box, that� is approximatively 800g. This one is a 600ml container (the next one is a 1100ml a bit too much for me). It is air tight, goes in the microwave (with the lid!), the freezer, the dishwasher, but doesn’t go in the oven (though it’s a pyrex, but the glass is really thinner than the usual pyrex). I did the test of the water: only a few drops came out (and I was shaking the box!). So it is exactly as my one tier bentos (which is said to be liquid tight).
Why did I purchased this item? the glass effect really appeals to me, and I became dreamful in front of lalaladys’s glass bentos. Moreover with all this stuff about microwaving plastic and cancer, I think it’s a good thing. But I won’t change my habits though, nor would I swap my plastic bentos for glass only. I love them too much.

So in two weeks you should see bentos in this box! (yes, travelling again).
I love the glass effect of this bento box!

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