Verrines as appetizers

Bisounours_51 also offered me the recipe book Diner au Verre. And in the same idea as the spoon appetizers, we just went through our fridge and it gave:

  • flower of smoked salmon, asparagus, dill
  • lettuce leaf, omelette stuffed with potato and minced meat topped with curry ketchup
  • faisselle (cheese strainer), minced carrots, and mixed lettuces topped with horseradish

Hihi, I just love these appetizers, there are so cute! I fell in love with these types of presentation. I was a bit against verrines before I tried. I still hold that verrines are pretty but there’s usually not much more about it! What I loved was to create them, not to mimic recipes.


2 Responses to “Verrines as appetizers”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    Trés joli les verrines, j’en ai encore jamais fait mais les tiennes me tentent bien

  2. Zoe Vegetarian Says:

    merci pour tes remarques encourageantes!

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