Lady Beetle or healthy kyaraben for Maki

Bento content:
-Lump fish egg
Fried sesame tofu
-Broccoli, carrot, lettuce,

This week I wanted to react to Maki’s post about kyaraben (cooking for the visual, usually by creating a picture). It’s true that some “bentoist” favour the visual to taste or healthiness. I’ve heard that some mums glue the cheese shapes on salty sandwich with honey, yeark! So, I wanted to try to create my bentos considering visual, healthiness and taste. The challenge is to try to create visual animals, with only natural colourings and such that the taste of the bento is good and yet still well balanced. Moreover, I won’t spend more than one hour on the preparation (from scratch). For some personal reasons all my bentos are going to be vegetarian (but not vegan). I hope no one is against eating lumpfish…as a vegetarian. If not wait for the next ones, they won’t have any.

Why do I usually spend time cooking? For many reasons. The first is that I enjoy cooking and that it calms me down after stressful days. Moreover as I cannot choose on one particular meals, I have the tendency to prepare more than one at a go (and it them all…). So the only way I can play with my food and not end up eating four meals in one go, is to rely on the bento portion-control power and presentation. I believe that presentation is just a way to enhance your meal. I will always first of all think about healthiness and taste and then about presentation. Some bentos I post are not really cute, but these will be more centered on taste. I have another problem that most of you don’t have: I do not have a freezer, so I have to be careful about the amount of food I prepare and to take into account that some food gets bad quicker than others. And as I’m cooking for one or two, I have to eat cabbage all week long if ever I buy one, and so on…
I believe that kyaraben is okay at a certain amount. You shouldn’t be eating everyday unnatural food coloring, and the bento should look appetising not a manga picture which you wouldn’t dare to eat!

So this bento is my first try: a little beetle made out out rice (which was flavoured with a stock cube ginger and garlic) covered with lump-fish eggs and nori. The eyes are made out of cream cheese spots.
The bento is well balanced (in my opinion) as it’s full of vegetables, and has rice as starch, with tofu.
It’s my first try with tofu. I cut my Fried tofu sticks in two to fit in the bento when closed.
The taste of this bento was really good. So I think that I managed to fulfill the challenge! A special thank to Maki, because it’s much more fun to cook with a challenge!
It didn’t take me long to prepare this bento: less than 50 minutes (and I paused to cook my bread and have breakfast). But it’s true that I had to think of it in advance. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without some previous thoughts and a few drawings.

I agree that this bento can seem a bit babyish, but why not go back to our childhood for time to time?


4 Responses to “Lady Beetle or healthy kyaraben for Maki”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    Trop belle la coccinnelle, tu t’amuse bien

  2. Fossettes Says:

    very nice ladybug !

  3. Zoe Vegetarian Says:

    Hihi, it was a joke. Nevermind. Thanks for your comments! Happy your back again!

  4. StL Says:

    yeu une coccinelle

    das ech natt!!

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