Bento content:
-Broccoli, lettuce, carrot
Tofu sticks with sesame or poppy seeds
-Pancake stuffed with apple, apple stew and cinnamon.

So continuing with this challenge, I made a panda completely vegetarian. As usual my rice isn’t plain but flavoured this time with a stock cube and onion. All parts of the panda nori parts are done with a sharp knife or scissors. Yes I do not have nori punch for the nose nor eyes as most of the kyaraben bentoist…sniff. Preparation time 40 minutes (I did again everything from start).
As promised I updated the recipe of the tofu sticks. As yesterday, I cut the sticks in two to fit in the bento, when closed.
The pancakes are done with a mix of wheat and buckwheat flours to have finer pancakes and for the little taste of buckwheat flour.
I agree that the ingredients are really the same as the day before, but as I told you, no freezer and only one eater at home…
The taste was really good….happy!


One Response to “Panda”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    Et le panda, trop génial, c’est quand même plus apétissant quand les bentos sont rigolos

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