Linux Penguin

Bento content:
-Carrots, sesame cabbage, broccoli

This bento is a bit of a joke…for a geeky girl who had to spend one week away from her computer in the fresh air!
I cooked the vegetables with water but for each vegetables I changed the flavouring of the water to give a bit of taste to these vegetables. The carrots were cooked with garlic and lemon juice, the broccoli with soya and a stock cube, the cabbage with the soya, stock cube and ginger. I added some sesame seeds on the cabbage (so tasty). The omelette was spiced with some chili pepper paste. The rice is cooked with garlic ginger and a stock cube.
The penguin is made out of nori (with a sharp knife) and the hand and beak are made out of carrot. This bento is tasteful and it took me 30 minutes in the morning (and I eat my breakfast in the meanwhile). This bento seems good and a bit complicated just thanks presentation, because the cooking is really simple!

One Response to “Linux Penguin”

  1. Vingtdeux Says:

    this is crazy, i’ve seen 3 tux bentos in the past couple of weeks. what is it about geeks & bento? 🙂 i love it.

    i hadn’t left my house in almost a week (too much work) until a couple of days ago (and i just went to the office). i’m going outside this weekend! hooray for freedom from monitor slavery!

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