Red Cross

Bento content:
-Cherry, melon
-Milky rice
-Almond paste.

Hihi, this bento is to thank the Red Cross for this wonderful week I spent learning to become a first aider. I think it isn’t necessary to debate: the message is clear. I’ll try to become a volunteer when I’ll be in Poland for the international Red Cross, but it might be difficult as I don’t speak Polish yet.
Let’s focus on cooking! The rice is cooked with milk instead of water and with a drop of vanilla (one of rice for two and a half of milk). I didn’t add any sugar as I had planned to accommodate it with almond paste, which is really sugary. The writing and the teddy’s eyes, nose, button and feet are done with hot chocolate and a piping nozzle of size 2.
It was really tasty. I enjoyed eating a sweet meal for a change. It was also a great opportunity to try my piping skills (poor and needs training!).

3 Responses to “Red Cross”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    Trop mimi ton petit nounours, j’adore, c’est une bonne idée pour mettre dans les bentos

  2. Fossettes Says:

    so funny

    So funny that egg!

  3. Sandra Says:

    wow ?

    Your Teddy Bear is just GREAT…what a pity you ate it !Hope one day I’ll be able to do just as well !

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