Naturally green colored rice

Bento content:
Rice with cabbage and courgette
-Pickles, broccoli, carrot
-Lump-fish egg, egg

As usual there are carrots and cabbage hidden underneath the nice broccoli trees. This bento came out naturally without any previous thought. Somehow it was a good surprise the way it came out! It was a pleasure to see the bento slowly create this picture. The previous ones were drawn or thought at least before I started cooking
I’ll give you the recipe of my green coloured rice (it was much more green than on the photo) but you can find other ways to naturally colour rice on Maki’s blog entry.
Hihi, I really enjoyed this bento it was really tasty.

6 Responses to “Naturally green colored rice”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    Trés original l’oeuf avec sa couronne de carotte et trop mignons tes onigiris, je peux en avoir

  2. Sandra Says:

    It’s a great idea to color rice with natural ingredients. I usually use some Vahiné “colorant alimentaire” but unfortunately it only exists in yellow, red and green…any idea to get blue rice?

  3. anonymous Says:

    why am I looking at these bentos? They seem very appetising. I am hungry and I should not look that! mmmmhhhhh

  4. Zoe Vegetarian Says:

    If I have to use food colouring I usually buy mine in England. I know that French people are afraid of blue food colouring…and I really have no idea to obtain blue naturally. Blueberries give a purple colouring. (This was my only idea of blue food I had)

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    […] light orange: saffron. Orange: Carrot. Purple: Blueberry. Blue: Red cabbage with raising powder. Green: Green cabbage, courgette. Brown: soya sauce (recipe and post, next […]

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    […] pâle: safran*. Orange*: Carotte*. Violet*: Myrtille*. Bleu: Chou rouge avec du la levure chimique. Vert*: Chou vert, courgette*. Marron, brun: Sauce soja (recette et post mis à jour la semaine […]

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