“Chinois” or custard stuffed brioche

Bento content:
-Cherries, strawberries
-Orange juice
-A slice of home-made “Chinois”.

This bento cheered me up on the this rainy morning. Mhm, waking up knowing that such a treat is waiting for you…it’s just great, you just forget the grey sky and the fact that you’re going to be stuck inside. A typical French recipe for a great breakfast. This recipe is an adaptation of my version of soft brioche where custard is added. I’ll post a photo of the soft brioche on it’s own when I’ll do one. Mhm, I just love this “Chinois” or brioche, I’m just fond of it! Hehe, and I still have some for two or three more mornings! I keep it wrapped in a towel and then in a plastic bag so that it doesn’t dry out.

One Response to ““Chinois” or custard stuffed brioche”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    J’ai encore jamais essayé de faire un chinois pourtant j’adore ça, il va falloir que j’essaye car ta recette me tente bien

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