Rolled sandwiches with parsley, carrot or avocado

Bento content:
Rolled sandwiches with parsley, carrot or avocado
-Grape, pear
-Mushroom, radishes, cauliflower, olive,
-Gouda, Maasdam cheese.

When I come back from shopping, I just like to eat fresh veggies and fruits. So, this bento is an “after-shopping” bento. I just enjoy to dip fresh veggies in a mix of cream cheese, faisselle and spices, or guacamole.
I prefer to make my own bread (because I’m sure of what ingredients are in and the smell of fresh bread is such a pleasure!), so here is the recipe of my own cereals sandwich loaf. It’s a milky bread so it has this soft texture. It is a bit sweet though.

The carrot one is done similarly but with carrot mince instead of parsley. I did really thick sandwich rolls and unfortunately I do not have a photo of the spiral side of the sandwich roll. I’ll try to show it in a forthcoming bento.
You can just vary this recipe by putting spices or others herbs as thyme, dill, paprika, cumin… Just let your imagination flow.
The third sandwich roll is done with guacamole. If you don’t have any lemon you can use drop of vinegar. I began to love avocado as a spread since I came back from Chile. They put avocado everywhere! I was happy I enjoyed it if not…well it would have been hard to appreciate the food!

One Response to “Rolled sandwiches with parsley, carrot or avocado”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    j’adore tes petits ours et je gouterais bien à tes sandwiches

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