Soup to make up with my taste and three cookbook reviews.

Bento content:
-Tomato, flat beans, parsley
-Whole wheat pasta
-Chili paste
-red pepper flakes.

Somehow I got fed up of eating all the time the same tastes on and on. I don’t know why but in France there are so few vegetables recipes. In book stores they are tons of books in how cooking meat, but they seem poor for any new idea for recipes involving vegetables. Most of the meals are how to prepare meat with the little line “serve with vegetables”.
Mhm, and what was best was that the vegetarian cookery was in the section dietetic and food troubles…what should we think about that?

Well, so this soup is a try to make up again with taste. I’m sorry you won’t have the photo when it’ll become a soup…I won’t dare to take a photo at my office…hihi, you’ll understand?

As I told you, I went to a book store to renew my tends in cookery. I really say went to have a look at Clea’s new cookbook, “Mes petites gamelles”, that many persons were writing of on so many blogs. It is really nice if you are not someone like me who wants to know the “how to’s” about any single thing…I believe it is a good book for those who want to start with “lunch boxing” and want to overview many tendency of “lunch boxing” starting with French sandwiches reviewed at Clea’s taste, then Japonese bentos with onigris and sushis, British wraps, Russian blinis…She gives a few basic recipes and many ideas of variants. It’s more like an overview and an essay to convince people that you can eat “bio”(healthy food) even at work. As it is one of the first book of the kind it’s a good idea to peep in to grab a few ideas maybe.

Instead I bought one book on healthiness and well-balanced eating “Le guide de l’alimentation équilibrée” from Vidal. I really appreciate this book. It explains in an easy way what are carb, lipid, protein, fibres, etc.They give solutions to adapt the official advices to our everyday meals, show with a few drawings the amount of calories, sugar, grease, etc in many of our everyday meals. Then comes some explanations on food and body which I find really useful as I always went to know why! They also give advices to balance your meal taking into account many distinctiveness such as gluten intolerance, vegetarians, sportsman, sedentary persons etc. The last part is made of advices to prevent or diminish health troubles as tiredness, cholesterol, constipation etc.
I really enjoy the fact that this book is full of tables, diagrams, notes which eases the reading. The examples are clear and makes the comprehension easy. Usually, I cannot follow these kind of book (though I’m truly willing to understand healthiness and the composition of a balanced meal) and get bored really quickly. So for a novice like me it is just great.

The second book I bought is “100 réflexes pour se soigner avec les aliments” from Anne Dufour. The major part of the book are lists of food you should or shouldn’t eat for most of the “aches”. Then comes a long table on the additives used for industrial food explaining where you usually find them, when should you avoid them, the possible side-effects. The last part gives a quick overview of the good side effects for some elements that can be found in food such as vitamin K, iron, manganese, etc.
This is the kind of book you open when needed. I bought it as my mum is in holidays and therefore cannot answer all my nutritional questions (she was a cookery teacher and knows so much about nutrition).

The next book I’ll buy is “Ma cuisine végétarienne” but it is quite expensive, so it’ll wait next month at least.

Wahou, sorry for this long post!


4 Responses to “Soup to make up with my taste and three cookbook reviews.”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    Il est trop mimi ton oeuf, il a l’air heureux

  2. StL Says:

    NON……… faut pas que ça devienne une soupe!!! 😉

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