Bento content:
-Quinoa and lens
-Flat beans
-Omelette with chive
-Broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, mushrooms.

My Totoro box arrived at last. As it’s a bit little I added a mini lock and lock box of fresh fruits with strawberries, cherries, apricot and grape.
I just cooked some quinoa that I mix with some lens. At the end of the cooking of the lens I added a tblsp of soja sauce, one of sugar and a half of rice vinegar . It’s the only way I found to make myself eat lens. I really like them this way. I’m nearly sure that you can eat anything if you found the proper way to prepare it so it would seem yummy and at your taste. One must first overcome the prejudice of the taste of the food you dislike and be brave enough to try again and again to eat it mixed with spices, other foods, or just cooked differently. I manage to bring Bisounours_51 to eat vegetables for example, and that was really challenging as he didn’t eat any before we met!
Have a nice day, I’m really tired out!


3 Responses to “Lapinou”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    Trop mimi ton lapinou, j’adore

  2. Sandra Says:


    Your Bunny is just great !! He or She (?) looks like Miffy and I love her !
    It would have been terrible for me to eat the bunny !!!
    Your lens recipe seems great as well, I’ll give it a try one day !

  3. Lalady Says:

    Thank you for all the comments!!! adorable miffy!

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