Smoothie week!

For personal reason, this week is dedicated to liquid food…And the challenge is preparing liquid fresh menus with no spice, no citrus fruits, nor spices.

Yes, I’m suffering from buccal troubles. Therefore if one day you have troubles to swallow, chew, if you have new braces, a tongue piercing, your wisdom teeth removed, or any other dental surgery, I hope this week would cheer you up: you can eat healthy tasteful soup or smoothies without feeling hungry in an hour or so!
I’ll try to post at least a meal per day including breakfast. The only drawback of these smoothies is the summer weather! Yes, some troubles of storage can appear. Therefore I truly recommend to either prepare it and drink it straight away or to drop plastic ice cubes in the box and add an ice pack in the insulated bento bag.
O the first recipe of this challenge : Raspberry and banana smoothie.
This smoothie may lack of sugar for some of you. I recommend to use honey to sweeten it. The fact that I used frozen raspberries was great because it was really fresh!

I felt “full” for more than 4hours just like a “proper” meal should.


One Response to “Smoothie week!”

  1. Cvalou Says:

    J’adore les smoothies, c’est idéal pour les beaux jours

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