Banana Lassi and not so liquid food: creamy cherry and fried banana rice pudding

Maybe I should entitle that: the best breakfast ever since this liquid food week! Yeah, I was able to eat some sticky rice pudding flavoured with home-made cherry jam. It was such a joy, you could imagine!To end this week on a high note, I’m posting three recipes..We will first start with the cherry jam. This jam is not very sweet as I prefer to taste the real flavour of fruits. And to be sure that it’ll keep for at least one year I pasteurize it (see below).
Cherry jam recipe: jeez….I forgot that I packed my notebook with this recipe already. I did this jam more than three weeks ago on a shabby week-end, where only cooking could cheer me up…So, promised, when I’m unpacking I’ll update this recipe! That’s so dumb! Typically me… 🙂
So, well, the Lassi recipe…I did it this morning and the recipe is the usual one.
And at last the so tasty rice pudding! I’ve prepare some for tomorrow morning!
So, hopefully next week I’ll be able to have access to my kitchen and my tools, for one more month in Alsace. Jeez, I never thought that I could miss so much cooking!

Vegan mango smoothie

This was a treat for tea time…I’m really fond of tea!
The recipe is a little long if you want to prepare your rice milk, but who cares, it’s so much fun! And in this mango smoothie it was so great!If you have a siphon, pour your smoothie in it with one soda siphon cartridge.
But, I don’t have any now…yes, moving means that you pack things…and then, you are forced not to use them! Cry with me!

Carrot and parsley smoothie (or soup?)

I enjoyed the taste of this cooled soup or carrot and spinach-parsley smoothie.
Hey, sorry for the delayed post! But it’s my last week here…so I’m out most of the time to catch up with friends. Yes, it’s not easy! No kitchen left, and the departure arriving so quickly!

Gaspacho with a little note of spinach and parsley

This recipe is full of iron, vitamins, proteins!

My best friend tasted this Gaspacho and enjoyed it. So, not being able to eat properly isn’t a trouble…but a pleasure. (Except the pain…hihi!)