Sprouts bento

Bento content
-Vegetables dumplings
-Sandwich: lens spread, sprouts
-Pear, nectarine, oats, honey.

This bento was enjoyed even more because it was shared with non-vegetarians who were completely charmed by these different flavours. I just enjoy this lens spread. I just added some sprouts in some home-made loaf of bread.

Japanese julienne vegetables

Bento content
Coral lens purée
-Rice mixed with lens
Japanese julienne vegetables
-Nectarine, pear with cereals topped with Ulmo honey.

Nothing really new in this bento. The purée is a leftover, the rice with lens is the usual one I make. The pudding is very simple but I just enjoy it.

Vegetable dumplings

Bento content
-coral lens purée
-ginger rice
vegetable dumplings.

Under the lens purée are hidden some vegetable dumplings. I love these smooth and crunchy taste at the same time!

Vegetarian sandwiches

Bento content:
-Vegetarian sandwiches: sprouts, tomatoes, hummus, green peppers, pickles,
-Pudding: oats, orange apple slices, grape and yoghurt.

Lately I had a new caprice: germinate seeds. Sprouts have so many healthly properties that I couldn’t resist a try.
But somehow I had to find some recipes to use them!
As I told you those days are quite uneasy for cooking as I don’t always have access to a proper kitchen, or do not have my own tools…
not only the fancy ones, just any tool.
So to germinate those seeds (here fenugreek, radish and lens) I’ve used a plate with a piece of material that I would water twice a day
(don’t forget that before germination these seeds need a twelve hour soaking in cool water). It takes something like four to five days, but what an enjoying
idea. When I was a kid we would only germinate watercress, and the sprouts would make hair to our head-eggshells.

For my first try, I just included them in a vegetarian sandwich. I was a bit sceptical about the vegetarian spread: hummus, but this was before I tasted it!
I’m just totally fond of these vegetarian spreads made of carrots, mushrooms, lens, onions…
So this sandwich is stuffed with hummus, tomatoes, pickles, and sprouts and roasted green peppers.

I hope I’ll be forgiven for all the trouble I’ve encountered lately for posting. Here, it’s a real fuss to upload a photo!
I hope things will get easier in a few days!

Back on the net!

I have to apologise for the long silence. I still do not have my own kitchen, but I can present you a few vegetarian meals I did last month.
The goal was to introduce well-balanced vegetarian cuisine in my everyday life.

I might also be able to prepare a few bentos this month in Chile. They will not be fancy nor pretty as I don’t have any of my kitchen tools. I’d rather say it’s going to be quick and healthy vegetarian meals.

For those of you who are only looking for the pretty bentos, please wait for November when I’ll have access to a kitchen again.

This is the drawback of travelling so much.