Vegetarians and vitamin B12

To answer to Fosettes comment:
” Je mange végé sympa et on m’a dit que je risque de manquer de vitamine B 12″
which translates in “I’m vegetarian friendly and was warned about the possibility of B12 vitamin deficiency”.

A very good document for French readers can be found at “alliance vegétarienne“‘s website.

For lazy English readers here is a summary:
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Quinoa and parsley burger

Bento content
Quinoa and parsley burger
-Gingery broccoli with roasted almonds
-three rice mix topped with spicy coral lens purée.

This bento was a little treat I made myself. It not really the most well-balanced meal I prepared as there are a bit too much of cereals, but this occurred to my mind long after eating it… Sometimes, I’m a bit too busy to think properly! Nevermind, I enjoyed it eventhough! I just enjoy vegetarian bentos, full of new flavours!

Iced strawberries

This is a little treat full of fruits that I and Bisounours_51 just enjoy to have! And so easy to make…
We called it iced strawberries.
The question is why frozen strawberries? Well, Bisounours_51 bought me a few kilos for jam making, and as I was away as usual, the only solution was to freeze them. Somehow we wondered why you couldn’t find any frozen strawberries in stores..;well, we understood: they do not at all keep well frozen. It’s a bit more like those you make in syrups. Well, this recipe was really great and we definitely had it quite a few times as pudding! So, even though frozen strawberries are no the rule, you can do more than jam out of them!

And now I’ve realised that in Poland there are a lot of frozen strawberries, that they use to make what they call “compote”!

Vegetarian sandwich made out of a whole wheat nut breads:

I made these sandwiches in July with fresh vegetables from the market and fresh cheese goat from a nearby farm. A real joy! Most of the interest of this sandwich came from the whole wheat nut bread I baked.

Lens with dates

Bento content
-Sweet lens with dates.

It is a little sweet, but lately these are the tastes I’m looking for. I’m also introducing a friend to bento and tomorrow’s bento is going to be our first test!

Cheese potato veggie burger served as sandwiches

Bento content
Apple and banana sweetened curry
Veggie potato burgers served as sandwiches (stuffed with avocado, tomato, fresh spinach).

I Just enjoyed this bento so much! the sandwiches were very great and quite fulfilling. The curry was maybe a bit too much! But, well sometimes, I just don’t realise things when assembling it together!
And here in Chile it’s so easy to find avocados…try them, there not alike those we find in Europe. Lucky them!

For the veggie burgers I used “harina integral” is wonderful. The taste is so much different from those I’ve found in France! I tried a beet tart I usually with this flour, it turned so tasty! I’m just sad I won’t found any in Poland, I believe!

Apple pancake

Bento content
Apple pancakes
-Banana topped with Ulmo honey
-Slices of mandarin.

This bento is more or less a big tea time treat. It was just a bit too much so I didn’t manage to finish my dinner this evening.
I usually serve these pancakes with icing sugar and cinnamon to accompany a thick green vegetable soup.But here I was to lazy to make a soup so I just made some for a snack.