Fresh nature sandwiches

Lately I was a bit looking for fresh vegetables. I still haven’t find a proper place to find fresh and tasty vegies in Warsaw. When I’ll be back I’ll have a look next to the new town…

To cheer me up a bit I made these little sandwiches full of raw veggies!

Mac Gyver steam cooker

How do you make a steam cooker out of nothing? Two pans, two Ikea grater and a wooden spoon!
Put the wooden spoon on the first pan full of water. Gently place the two grater upside down so that there are balanced on the edges of the pan and the wooden spoon.
Then, put a frying pan on top of this!

Vegan sauerkraut

Bento content:
Vegan sauerkraut
-Sliced apples
-Dried fruits

I finally manage to find this USB cable. It has been a true journey to find a shop selling it! And with my poor Polish this has been quite a funny experience. I’m so glad so many people here speak English! Thanks goodness!
So, here is a vegan version of an Alsatian sauerkraut. Quite Polish too. I think I just have to revisit the spices in the sausages to obtain something more near to the actual sausage and not to merguez sausage!


As this web client  seems more efficient and has more neutral background, I’ll continue here, though I’ll still upload the LJ version. Moreover, I’m hopping to offer a French translation too…

For those who didn’t follow, I started this blog as an flexitarian and turned up vegetarian. I didn’t have much effort to do as I was a little meat eater, mainly because I wasn’t aware of well-balanced vegetarian diets. So somehow to split it and to offer a more tidy version, I chose to change web clients.

The next updates should be coming in two weeks when I’ll have my USB cable sent…from France.