Hi! I’m at last settled in Poland, with a kitchen and all the tools I managed to pack in my suitcase: japonese knifes, 2 bento, few accesories, 2 pans, 2 dishes, a new camera…and no USB cable to transfer the data onto my computer!Rhaaaaa………This is typically me! Well, to redeem myself here is a little meal I made a month ago :

Bento content:
Polenta crackers
-Fresh goat cheese stuffed lens burger
Spinach and mushroom side dish.

I enjoy so much these lens burger that I tried another stuffing. The polenta crackers were my first try and I should admit: I love them and they are so easy to prepare! I think you’ll see some more in my next bentos. The spinach and mushroom side dish is a simple way to eat spicy spinach and fond of this veg!
Well, I hope to fix this USB cable trouble in no time so I can post again!


2 Responses to “Scatterbrain!”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Tu t’es installé en Pologne mais tu voyages beaucoup
    On ne peut pas penser à tout mais tu arrives quand même à poster tes bentos, c’est le principal, tu vas nous concocter des recettes polonaises alors, j’attends de voir car je ne connais pas du tout

  2. senourrirautrement Says:

    j’adore ce principe de bentos et je suis toujours impressionnée de voir toutes les merveilles que l’on peut y mettre.
    Tes épinards-champignons sont bien appétissants.
    Bon séjour en Pologne ! 🙂

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