Travelling birds

Bento content
-Spring rolls with :pumpkin seed butter, carrot spread, leek, mushroom slices.
-“Gratin” of spicy lens, wild rice and carrot spread.

Okay, this bento is a bit a mess…I agree. At the beginning it wasn’t meant to be a kyaraben…but somehow my spring roll didn’t come out properly, and then, I realise it didn’t fit in this box. And come on, I didn’t want to bother and take out my “gratin”and try to fit it elsewhere….So, a mess for a mess, I just did a bird out of cheddar and one out of nori. I added a little bit of leek to make the grass, broccoli are pretending to be trees and cauliflower are meant to be clouds…You wouldn’t have guessed, huh? Well, I agree with an explanation, it’s better. Well, so understand it as a travelling bird versus a settled bird…with all this black and white interpretations…

No one cares: I ate it, and it was yummy, because of all the spices! And laying rice, lens and carrot spread together is really a nice experiment.


One Response to “Travelling birds”

  1. StL Says:

    ouaw quelle belle photo 😉

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