Tidying finish!

Hi! I was unhappy about the mess I had in my LJ blog…There were really no way to find a recipe even if I updated the recipe page properly!
So I figured out that I really should roll up my sleeves and do something. And Saturday morning I came with this solution:
Photos, chit-chatting and recipe titles would be on one blog, and recipes on another. (See the right sidebar)
The best way to surf on the recipe blog is by categories or through the search program. As there are no photos you have to rely on the tags of each post which give all the ingredients needed for the recipe.

It took me quite a while to import and go though all my previous post on LJ. But now, the tags and categories should be correct.

I hope this will make it easier to surf here. I would enjoy feed back through comments or mail. Thanks a lot!

All vegetarian recipes have been uploaded on the recipe blog. The few omnivore ones appearing are linked to LJ.

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