Fresh pasta and tomato sauce party

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Fresh barley pasta
Home-made tomato and olive sauce.

I met a new friend. As usual, a foreigner: she’s American, and has little access to a kitchen. She was always saying that she was dreaming of cooking fresh pasta with tomato sauce. It’s not the most fashion meal but somehow it recalled her home.
So when I had my pasta machine back, we agreed to do a cooking evening. And to spice the pasta up I used some barley flour.

We had planned to go to the swimming pool in the afternoon. We were told that they was one in the culture and science palace (don’t you think that’s weird?). So we met there. No swimming-pool to be seen…After asking a few persons, we finally found where in the palace it was.
We enter. We try to ask where we should go as we do not find any place to buy tickets.
So with all our polish we asked:
-Czy Pan movie po angielsku? (Do you speak english?)
-Nie (No). (Hey, they understood!)
Well, moving arms and mimicking swimming we were granted a few answers. One was the name of the street, the other one was to go down the stairs. We chose second option. We went. And we were quickly caught back by a angry Polish keeper who was shouting at us…
Well, first thing:
-Nie movie po polsku, nie rozumiem. (I don’t speak polish, I don’t understand)
And then, he told us that the other keeper knew a little English. We went, he didn’t speak nothing but polish. We were stuck.
We ended by phoning a girl who spoke English and Polish, explain the situation, give the phone to the keeper, have it back to have a translation:
This swimming-pool is opened for students not for the public, we should go elsewhere. Finally, we just walked back home and enjoyed making our pasta!


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