Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year

I wish you a merry Christmas (or holidays) and a happy new Year (or first January day…)
Whatsoever. I’ll be off for the next two weeks, and I hadn’t time to prepare any post. So, see you then!

Pumpkin dressed in tagine style

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Spicy Moroccan pumpkin tagine

I’m really sorry I forgot my camera. This meal was so great. I love pumpkin and
I was looking for a little foreigner taste to spice my day up.
I therefore thought about a way to use pumpkin differently: in pumpkin style tagine.
Baked pumpkin and radish give so sweet and tender bite, highlighted with chick-peas, sultanas, almonds, prune and spices, and this sunny touch with this sweet and sour taste you can get with honey and vinegar deglazing.
Yaouh I just enjoyed it!

Soya milk coagulates when adding calcium

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Howdy! Just a quick post to tell you that when you add calcium to soya milk it coalgulates and gives a fluffy soya cream. Surprised I googled up and saw that there are research articles (to whom we don’t have access if you’re not a researcher in this domain yourself) explaining how to add calcium to soya milk without making it coagulate…Well, this will stay a mystery then.
Any answers?
At least I understand why my home-made milk separates when I put it in my Ricoré (it has calcium, not much though, and the bought soya milk I get have calcium added and don’t have this curdling effect).

Rice flakes for a express rice pudding

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Rice and fruit pudding
-Apple, orange
-Half a banana smashed with cinnamon

I’m back from a three weeks professional trip in North-East and South of France. And as usual, I had to forget something: this time it’s my camera. Well, it’s not lost so everything is okay, I’ll have it back in two weeks I believe.
Each time I come back from a trip it’s a real fuss to have me back on tracks cooking for the forthcoming days. First, I have to quickly go shopping for fresh vegs and fruits. Then, I have to urge preparing some beans, and some cereals or soup to be able to plan my week menus. But, as you can guess the evening I arrive there’s few possibility to go shopping, and this is how I came up with chestnut milk or soya milk made out of flour. And I realised that with a few drops of nut oil I could find this little greasy taste you have with milk. More over it prevents the milk from separating into a floury and watery part. Still you need to stir the milk before serving but less than before.
For the fruits, I had packed them in my suitcase as I cannot imagine a breakfast without them. I don’t know if you have access to rice flakes but if you do, this recipe of rice pudding takes less than 5 minutes. So don’t tell you don’t have time. Even my water takes longer to boil (I’m joking…)