Hachis Parmentier

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Hachis Parmentier (cottage pie)

Happy new year to all of you!

This winter holidays, I encountered on Laurie’s blog the recipe of a vegetarian Hachis Parmentier made with seitan. Seitan? Let’s say it’s mock meat made of gluten. Mock? Yes, seitan is really near to chicken in it’s texture and the taste can be adapted with spices or stock and soya sauce. I was a bit sceptical, but this was before I tasted it! I had to go back to France to be able to find some gluten and make it, but it’s really worth!
I have no credit for this recipe, but I really wanted them to appear on this blog as the cottage pie was really tasty…this meal became very popular among my omnivore friends!

Hihi, see my camera is back!


2 Responses to “Hachis Parmentier”

  1. CVALOU Says:

    Bonne année à toi aussi et surtout bonne santé pour l’année 2009

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