Mexican style

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Aubias con chiles anchos (white beans with chilli pepper)
Arroz a la mexicana (mexican style rice) with seitan
Quiche de la casa (home made pie)
Broccoli with almonds

Lately I wanting to renew a bit my cooking. And with winter and the so short days that we have in Warsaw, a bit of chilli pepper was a good choice to warm us up! Hey, it’s around -17°C here!
The quiche de la casa is a pie made with spinach (I find some frozen ones), maize, tomatoes, chilli pepper. A real treat. The rice is in a sense a risotto with coriander to which I added seitan (I fell in love with seitan!). As a balanced vegetarian meal asks for pulses I added a spicy Mexican style tomato sauce to hightlight white beans. I couldn’t resist to add my favourite side dish broccoli with roasted almonds. Let’s say that it’s for the iron but the truth is I just like it so much and it’s so easy and quick!


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