Mixing style winter dinner

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Citrus salty salad
Breaded marinated kohlrabi
Roesti style potato and kohlrabi
Vegetarian sushis
-Miso soup.

It’s winter, and somehow it’s a little depressing. The cold, the short days, the melting snow. At least we still have the Christmas decorations in the old town.
This citrus salad is full of vitamins and would cheer anyone up! I accompanied them with some kohlrabi. But I played with this vegetable and proposed it in two ways: a breaded vegan marinated version and a vegan roasti style version which is mixed with potato. When, it comes out of the oven the outside is crunchy which hitghlignt that inside is smashed and tender. I rethought sushi to suit my tastes. This version is evidently vegetarian: marinated carrot, radish, and raw beetroot strips, with raw cabbage and feta. There’s not much Japonese taste left here but it was so tasty. And why couldn’t we rewrite recipes to meet our daily tastes?

I’m really happy as I found a good vegan way of coating the vegetables to be able to bread them. Until now I was just soaking them in water and then in bread. But this method had poor result in comparison to those coated with egg. Now with a mix of potato starch and tapioca we find a similar result. And by the way this can replace these so well known Energ-C egg replacer…

Remark: for sceptics, remark that except the feta in the sushis this meal would be vegan. So vegan or vegetarian eating is boring?


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