Vegan mock of blood West-Indian sausage

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Vegan sausage near to the West-Indian blood sausage
Ratatouille (Bf’s way)

They are some recipes that I miss. Couscous with spicy sausages is one of them.
I’ve modified the vegan sausage recipe using gluten flour. This gave the sausage
a texture of West-Indian blood sausage. BF was so pleased we managed to approach this texture.
Though I have to admit this was not truly the sausage we were looking to create!
A happy experiment! Believe we’ll repeat it.


5 Responses to “Vegan mock of blood West-Indian sausage”

  1. marzia Says:

    in trying to figure out how to use flickr for Maki’s bento challenge, I finally ended up here in your blog!!! 🙂 (maruchan2008)

  2. Zoé Says:

    So nice! I love your mistakes!!

  3. mamapasta Says:

    demain, ma version de tes saucisses sur mon blog
    merci pour l’inspiration!

  4. Boudin antilllais végétalien « Expériences culinaires dessertariennes Says:

    […] publié en anglais ici. Publié dans Légumes, Légumineuse, Plat principal, Repas, Seitan, Végétalien. […]

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