My vegetarian bortch

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Bortch (beetroot polish soup)
Black lentils patties
-Kapusta krokiet.

This morning at 6 o’clock, I was up as usual as Bear has to go to work at that time. Usually I wander around waiting for the time I can go to work. This morning I couldn’t spend my time on your blogs enjoying your last posts. We were going to the swimming pool this evening and I have this damn weekly meal plan I’m trying to follow. So I ended preparing dinner and bento items at 6h30…Grr…This happens when you sort of decide on the spot to go swimming! These week plans kill a bit spontaneity, but I have to agree they are quite money, time? sparing and I have really few waste at the end of the week. I just have to train a little to make them a bit more easy to follow! This Polish beetroot soup is usually made with animals grease. So I’ve tried to make up a vegetarian recipe of this soup. I accompanied it with the black lentils patties and Polish kapusta krokiet which are breaded pasta stuffed with cabbage. When we came tired out from the swimming pool, this meal was so comforting.


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