A poor attempt for San Francisco Golden Bridge

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Bento content
Blue naturally coloured rice
Lighter version of the beetroot cupcake
Lentils and nut cupcake
-Carrot sticks flavoured with ginger and anis
-Broccoli flavoured with ginger, anis, and chilli pepper
Carrot and celery pickle
-Red cabbage polish salad with walnuts
-Mushrooms and cucumber slices.

This evening I had a little time. So I tried to answer Sandra‘s question: how to obtain blue natural colouring. The answer is red cabbage with raising powder! The colour is really deep blue. The amount of red cabbage leaves will permit you to play with the intensity of the blue. At first, I was thinking of doing the bridge with nori which would have giving a more precise result, but it didn’t stand out the way carrot did…I’m not at all satisfied with the result but I had truly fun creating it! Hope it’ll be tasty!

7 Responses to “A poor attempt for San Francisco Golden Bridge”

  1. mook Says:

    hey there
    amazing bento, good job! I have no patience or skill to do stuff like that.
    A brand of thai rice makes natural colord blue rice It’s made with butterfly peas.
    see here:
    automated translation here:|en&u=http://frenchbento.canalblog.com/archives/2009/01/03/11923252.html&usg=ALkJrhgNfg_smNwT28F_sQCLfeApX2quAg

    sorry for the long link


  2. Zoé Says:

    Thank you Mook. As you might know, the principle here is not to buy naturally coloured rice, but make your own with the little one has in its pantry! And I truly have no ideas where I could find those peas and how to use them. But if ever I’ve got the chance to find them, I might have a go and let you know about this experiment. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. mook Says:

    ooops sorry zoé, reading too fast can be a bad idea sometimes. I’m sorry again.
    but still, your bento is really cool………

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  6. CValou Says:

    Whouah génial ce bento, il y a longtemps que je n’ai pas pris le temps de visiter les blogs des copines, je le regrette car j’ai loupé pas mel de chose, je rattrape mon retard.

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