Hello I’m May

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content
Rolls of tortillas with tapenade
-Cauliflower trees
Radish and carrot pickle
Tofu dumplings
Polish leek and apple salad
Date flapjack
-Cheese face and hand, nori eyes, hair and smile, carrot sharp cheeks and pearl, red cabbage jumper.

Lately I’m in a creative mood. I had all my pencils out and I wanted to create a little character. And this is how I came out with May. So does she seduces you? Although this bento is a bit fancy by the drawing, I try as usual to have a healthy bento. So you’ll find here a Lebanese element with falafels which are fried dumplings made of pulses (chick peas and fava beans), a Mediterranean element with tapenade (a olive spread), a Polish element with the leek salad, a British element with flapjacks stuffed with dates, a Japanese element with the tofu dumplings and something from South America with tortillas.
International, isn’t it?

The tofu dumplings are made with the silken tofu I’m used to make, but I just pressed it a little and let it drain a little longer to have something a little more firm. It’s coated with a spicy Japanese sauce. They are really great!

This bento was really tasty. You should try mixing elements from different countries, it’s so amazing!

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