So, as I’m a little busy lately, I didn’t have time to update and type the last meals I made. But, no worry, I ain’t forgetting you!
I’ve been tagged recently by Fossettes and Vegan25.
First of all, I’d like to thank you both! And then, I’ll take this opportunity to let you discover these blogs:

  1. Les chéchés from la boîte à sardines,
  2. Sandra from Que du mini,
  3. Vegan Lovlie with her so pretty recipes,
  4. Were Rabbits for her pretty posts.

The above blogs are those who I believe haven’t yet gone through this tag. This was the only way I could filter to choose only four of you! 🙂
I ow an apology to Sandra to whom I have forgotten to answer to this tag…Well, scatterbrain sometimes! I was so happy at that time, and just forgot to post it here….

1. Diamant or pearl? What can I truly answer to that? I don’t care?
2. Last film at the pictures? Jestem na tak
3. Best soap series? One piece
4. Breakfast?Hey just check breakfast in the tags! The minimum would be: hot beverage, one orange (juiced or not), another fruit (banana, apple), granola with two slices of bread with homemade jam or porridge and always one treat to reward me for getting up!
5. Second name: Hey..guess you know it already…Zoé.
6. Food you dislike? Being a vegetarian answers the question, I believe.
7.What car do you drive? Now, none, no use, I’m in an enormous town.
8. What trait do you dislike? Well…
9. Favourite names? Well…not planning to need favourite names…
10. Favourite clothes? Maybe, those I wear..to be coherent with my ownself!
11. If you could fly to anywhere, where would you go? Let me see…Just point anywhere on a map and let’s discover!
12. Where would you like to take your retirement?Believe, I would go where my family is.
13. Which birthday dates do you remember?Those of the beloved
14. Your birthday?You’re too curious…! Somewhere in May when, sun is out!
15. If you were a colour?Guess life would be boring!
16. Chocolate or vanilla?What’s that question?
17. Last person you had on the phone?Myself on my answering machine! Just kidding!
18. Sweet or salty?Sweet for sure, but still…well, I cannot live on cake and tea treats!
19. How long are you doing the same job? The same job at the same place? Well, moved recently to Warsaw…
20. Favourite day of the week?Saturday, cause I still have Sunday off!


3 Responses to “Tags”

  1. fossettes Says:

    Thank you for answering!

  2. Lovliebutterfly Says:

    Funny answers! Lol! Thanks for tagging me! I will respond as soon as I can find some time to post something…I’m so overwhelmed these days. Thanks for the other blog links too!

    • Zoé Says:

      Hihi! When I post too early in the morning, I have a weird sense of humour! If at least it makes some of you smile…to cheer up on mornings…Gosh, it’s hard standing up! 🙂

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