Orange soup, homemade pizzas, hibiscus muffins

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Orange soup
Vegetarian pizza
Little hibiscus and honey flavoured muffins.

It’s Saturday evening. The morning we were in the market to buy some fresh vegetables. So this evening, we treated ourselves with some orange soup and pizza.
Why orange soup? Well, it is made with orange coloured vegetables and fruits: pumpkin, carrot and mandarin. The mandarin taste is really discrete so no worry it only highlights the pumpkin and carrot taste.

This soup allowed us to be patient enough to let the pizza dough rise. Yes, we had a little homemade pizza topped with feta, spinach leaves, olives and broccoli trees. (If you like photos just check the recipe of the pizza to see this one).
I think that’s it’s in Chile that for the first time I saw how creative one can be with vegetarian pizzas. I’m just fond of them! Maybe I’ll show you some others…if you want.

The little hibiscus and honey muffins were a little experiment. They are milk free and to say true you would not be able to make them with milk. Nor ordinary milk nor soya. Both coagulates when you add the hibiscus flowers. I forgot to take them in photo as they were eaten more quickly than expected! Which I believe is quite a good sign…!

2 Responses to “Orange soup, homemade pizzas, hibiscus muffins”

  1. Soupeorange, pizza VG et muffin à l’hibiscus et au miel « Expériences culinaires dessertariennes Says:

    […] vous dire…! Je pense que c’est plutôt un bon signe. Originalement posté en anglais ici. Publié dans Alternatives lait/œuf, Céréales, Dessert, Légumes, Muffin, Pain, Plat […]

  2. Radhika Vasanth Says:

    Looking at the picture I thought it was only orange/tangerine.. I am sure the flavor of pumpkin, carrot and mandarin will make it a great soup.

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