Onigri with miso and okara breading, soya cotelette: stop buying commercial mix!

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Bento content
Onigri with miso and okara breading
Cabbage salad topped with prickles of turnip leaves and nuts
-Carrot slices
-One homemade and one bought spicy soya cotelette
-Cucumber pickled (sliced)
Corn and olive salad

I love rice. I just cannot live without. So this time I made little onigris that I dipped in some miso thick paste and breaded with okara. You know my left-overs from milk soya making. As usual, you can just replace it by breadcumbs…Bear is addicted to these onigri now…geez he’ll eat all my good rice…damn!Should hide it…
I redid some of this seasoning with turnip leaves this time and it was just as great as the one made with kohlrabi leaves.
Did you ever try soya cotelette? I like them quite a lot, and my favourite are the spicy ones.
I even bought a pack of this weird powder, where you have to add water form it in a ball and then heat them…Yes, I did…But, then, (you all know me) I had to try to do some myself! So I gave it a shot, and to be honest, I put in each bento one homemade one and one bought one so we could compare.
Result: I think that mines have a little less chewy texture in comparison to the bought ones. Bear told me I was mad, he preferred mines as they were more spicy and he thought the texture was exactly the same.
Whatever, the conclusion is that we are not buying it anymore and that I’ll make some.
You’re thinking it’ll use me up more time? No, no, it’s just as quick as taking out this pack and putting water in it. Yes, it’s blended dried okara, potato starch and some spices...here you go!

Vegan coco chocolate mousse

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Vegan coco chocolate mousse
-1 hot cereal brew
-1 bowl of cereals with dried fruits and nuts
-2 mandarins juiced

By now, you know that I just cannot imagine a breakfast without a little treat. Mornings are so hard, I believe one deserves a treat for getting up! So yesterday evening while my spinach little pies were baking, I really quickly prepared some vegan mousse with coco milk, chocolate and agar-agar. The idea is to whisk them in the morning before serving to have a sort of mousse texture.

Agar-agar? it’s a seaweed which behave like gelatin. And, don’t believe Eryn, there’s no seaweed after taste. Either she has never tested it, either this after taste is unconscious. And I’d rather have unconscious after-taste of seaweed than animal corpses…And it’s pretty easy to play with it. Oh, sorry, I just got angry when reading that. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else then. It’s a shame as she seems to have pretty photos. If you want to know more about agar-agar just check on Clea‘s blog, she seems to enjoy playing with it.

Oh, and I’m sorry about the colours of this photo. Doing photos in the late evening or early in the morning will rarely give pretty results…

Bento quickly made in the evening

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Bento content
Spinach and goat cheese pie
French vinaigrette
Lentils and coral lentils with soya sauce
Cabbage salad (yoghurt and mayonnaise)
-Carrot salad
Corn and olive salad

So, I’m in a real hurry lately. Very few time, for you, for me, for anything to say the truth. I’m running, running, running. So I had to quickly make a bento for tomorrow’s lunch as it is bento or starve choice option…
So quickly this evening, with the rest of flaky pastry from the onion pie, I made some little spinach and goat cheese pies. (yes, we treated ourselves with goat cheese).
I added the rest of our lentils and red lentils we had on the evening. They were cooked with 2 tbsp of black soya sauce. So we didn’t have to add a vinaigrette to highlight them. I prefer them just a littly crunchy for a bento salad so it’s a good idea to cook the both types of lentils together as the coral lentils are cooked before the brown lentils. It’ll give a crunchy and soft texture.
Then, I just added some salads and corn and olive salad for the starch.

This bento was really quickly assembled, but was tasty!

Sunday afternoon, onion pie and tiramisu

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Onion pie
-Lettuce, carrot salad
-Pear, pumpkin and cucumber pickles

I really enjoy our Sundays as we are meeting our Polish friends, playing squash and enjoying our time together. I’m always longing towards these Sunday afternoons.
Snow or rain would not prevent us to meet them! This time, we brought the food. Not so easy matter as we have one hour of travelling by bus and tramway to go there.
So we just made some little onion pies, forgot to bring the salads, and tried to bring a tiramisu…
I love this dessert so easy to do, so tasty. I was so truly happy to find easily the ingredients around here without having to go to a specialised shop. And I was lazy enough to buy the ladyfingers so you won’t have this recipe this time.
The onion pie is a French dish I believe. It recalls me of my grandmother and these cold wintry days. She would often make some when we’d come back from skiing with my grandfather…I miss those days.
And an onion pie will bring me back all these nice and warming memories of my youth. Maybe this is why I enjoy it so much?

*I’m sorry, I was abroad and had no possibility to update last week.*

Sushi rice and a big thank you to Mook

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This evening a surprise was awaiting me at the post office: they handed me a big package… Like a little child I unwrapped it feverishly, wishing that it was what I was so much longing for. Yeeeess! Mook, from French Bento, had sent me one of the best sushi rice I’ve ever tasted. Thank you so much!

I believe you all know her blog even if French is a total foreign language for you. Each day, she’ll present her bento which are usually full of colourful vegetables and salad, some little treats (omnivore). The principle: one post, one bento, and some recipes with photos.
She’s one of those who is able to blog daily, and even if she lacks of time she’ll make the effort to post! How does she manages that? Maybe this is super Mook power…:)
What is even more fun is her sense of humour that can sometimes make me chock as my food goes the wrong way while trying to understand why a rabbit should be an alien…
Believe that too much of bentoing can affect your neurones…So bento addicted should be aware of this side effect! Bentoing can make you think that life is worth living with a smile!

Pesto verde two ways and red soup

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Red soup
Pesto verde
Chocolate short bread

Hi! How are you all today? Managed to get up early to post a little! I was quite tired and really busy lately (well, think that I’ll be busy until June at least…)
This is why I’m so eager to find some quickly made dinners, to ease my week. One idea is this everyday soup. This time it’s a red soup made of beetroot, carrot and mandarin mainly. A real pleasure at each spoon.
And I may be busy and really in a hurry I won’t give up homemade food! No way!
Bear relied a lot before on these pesto verde cans. It’s a quick sauce that is really good on spaghetti! Something quickly made, healthy and delicious? I had to have a go and make some.
One which would have no palm oil, no artificial food colouring or additional “things” with their so sexy names starting with E and some numbers…
Conclusion? Well, I have to admit, the little basil I managed to grow was not enough to redo some, so we went to the market to make some more…with some aubergine. We used it as a spread in some sandwiches…
Be patient, this bento is coming up!

Spinach and ricotta lasagne

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Sweet and spicy red soup
Spinach and ricotta lasagna

I’m so happy when I can find some fresh spinach and I really wanted to have a go for spinach and ricotta lasagne.
As you may have understood, I’m trying to get a little more organised to have dinner served a little more quickly as I have also to run to get also our next day bentos ready.
So I have prepared some little soup. This one is sweet and spicy at the same time, the sweetness comes from the apple and the spicy from chilli pepper. I’ll prepare it quite thick and store it in the fridge (remember I have no freezer to rely on) and I’ll add a little water before reheating.
The lasagne is also a good meal which could last us two evenings. But I have to admit that we liked it too much to have any leftovers for the next evening…