Vegan cookies to hold on this week

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A box full of
Crispy chocolate chips and almonds cookies
Chocolate oat short bread

I really have to admit it, I need tea treats! To reward me from getting up, to get a smile from Bear, before getting in bed…or just…well, do one really need a reason to bite in a cookie while burning their hand holding a cup of hot beverage?
For me cookies is not cake-like but crispy and still a little chewy. I at least achieved these so wanted cookies, and they are vegan!
Hey, yes, I had no more eggs in the fridge.
So by the way I veganised the short breads by using silken tofu instead of yoghurt.
These tea treats didn’t take me so long to prepare, I mainly just had to be patient and wait that they finished baking.

*Happy I managed to wake up early enough to write a post*

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