Sunday afternoon, onion pie and tiramisu

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Onion pie
-Lettuce, carrot salad
-Pear, pumpkin and cucumber pickles

I really enjoy our Sundays as we are meeting our Polish friends, playing squash and enjoying our time together. I’m always longing towards these Sunday afternoons.
Snow or rain would not prevent us to meet them! This time, we brought the food. Not so easy matter as we have one hour of travelling by bus and tramway to go there.
So we just made some little onion pies, forgot to bring the salads, and tried to bring a tiramisu…
I love this dessert so easy to do, so tasty. I was so truly happy to find easily the ingredients around here without having to go to a specialised shop. And I was lazy enough to buy the ladyfingers so you won’t have this recipe this time.
The onion pie is a French dish I believe. It recalls me of my grandmother and these cold wintry days. She would often make some when we’d come back from skiing with my grandfather…I miss those days.
And an onion pie will bring me back all these nice and warming memories of my youth. Maybe this is why I enjoy it so much?

*I’m sorry, I was abroad and had no possibility to update last week.*

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