Vegan coco chocolate mousse

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Vegan coco chocolate mousse
-1 hot cereal brew
-1 bowl of cereals with dried fruits and nuts
-2 mandarins juiced

By now, you know that I just cannot imagine a breakfast without a little treat. Mornings are so hard, I believe one deserves a treat for getting up! So yesterday evening while my spinach little pies were baking, I really quickly prepared some vegan mousse with coco milk, chocolate and agar-agar. The idea is to whisk them in the morning before serving to have a sort of mousse texture.

Agar-agar? it’s a seaweed which behave like gelatin. And, don’t believe Eryn, there’s no seaweed after taste. Either she has never tested it, either this after taste is unconscious. And I’d rather have unconscious after-taste of seaweed than animal corpses…And it’s pretty easy to play with it. Oh, sorry, I just got angry when reading that. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else then. It’s a shame as she seems to have pretty photos. If you want to know more about agar-agar just check on Clea‘s blog, she seems to enjoy playing with it.

Oh, and I’m sorry about the colours of this photo. Doing photos in the late evening or early in the morning will rarely give pretty results…

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