Vegan lemon and kiwi pie

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Palack paneer
-Basmati rice
Lemon apple and kiwi pie.

I’m really busy lately but yesterday, we were having a meal together with my colleagues. As one of our colleagues has a broken leg, we had some Indian take away. And as I can’t imagine a good meal without a sweet touch, I decided to bake a pie. I was thinking of lemon pie. But well, I had to do it vegan, and without margarine to avoid palm oil.

Most of my colleagues are omnivores. When, I told them that I baked some vegan dessert, they joked about it: so we are eating flour and water? Bread? It can only be some sugary bread alike…Well, I really managed to amazed them with this pie!

I didn’t have any vegan recipe, and I was in a creative mood : I tried to create some lemon filling with lemons, apples and agar-agar (jelly seaweed). It took me something like one hour and a half taking into account that I did the soya milk on that evening for the sweet vegan crust pastry. Believe it was quite quick for a dessert. The lemon jelly is also really tasty on its own.

There were no leftovers…

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