Tea break, one year of cooking with you

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Thank you!
I was a little too busy lately to realise that it has been one year since I’ve decided to post my first bento. One year since I had the courage to speak out my recipes, one year since I decided to let you in in my kitchen, one year since I ‘m sharing my meals with you, one year more shared with Bear

one year I’ve spent with you. I would like to thank you for all your comments , for your nice notes which kept me going , for your inspiring bentos and meals, your amazing photos or for your answers in forums or by mail, for your strong belief in vegetarianism and for your cooking skills that amazes me, for your creative recipes. I am grateful for making me smile while reading your daily post , making me dream or by surprising me when I realise that your blogs links to mine. I just cannot forget your comments on my photostream, for being inspired or asking me questions or just cheering me up with nice comments .
I have also to thank you for testing my recipes and for taking the time to give me some feed back or just for following me and for checking my updates.
I would also like to thank all the silent readers who give me the power to steal time on my sleep to find a little time to post in my so full life.
Thank you!

153 posts,
214 recipes.


One Response to “Tea break, one year of cooking with you”

  1. fossettes Says:

    Happy birthday, Zoé! Salute, à la tienne et nasdrosvié (orth à revoir)! 🙂

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