Lemon jelly and potato and chick-pea roesti

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Lemon jelly
Potato roesti
-Carrot sliced cooked and carrot salad
Cabbage yoghurt salad

I believe you have understood that lately, I’m stressed out, and that I have really few time to prepare meal or our bento lunches. So yesterday evening I quickly prepare some lemon jelly with agar-agar. It takes something like 3 minutes to prepare and then, I just have to let it set in the fridge.
It’s the same with these potato and chick-pea roesti. Quickly made and so tasty cold thanks to the garlic.
The cooked carrot slices were just some leftovers and so was the cabbage salad.
This bento asked for less than 10 minutes to put together and was really tasty.

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