Little pots for a quick meal

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Aubergine and potato pot
-Carrot salad
Leftovers of spaghetti in a pot (for me)
Potato and smoked tofu pot (for Bf)

Spring is not yet here in Poland but I’m already carving for fresh salads. But salads are not fulfilling enough. To highlight them I prepare some quick little pots to reheat our stomach. We started with some aubergine and potato pots, and then completed our meal with a second bigger pot. Bear’s had a pot which is the vegetarian version of gratin dauphinois with smoked tofu, and I ate our lunch’s leftovers, namely vegetarian spaghetti bolognese. Though these pots are not hard to prepare we just loved eating them. Was it the meal or the fact that three
days apart seemed really long?


Quickly done after my trip from France

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content
Vegetable stir flavoured with Hoisin sauce
-Carrot salad
Onigri with nutritional yeast

My flight landed at 18:31. I was home at something like 8 o’clock. Bear had prepared me some vegetable stir with Hoisin sauce. The next day, I had to be at work with a bento for lunch and I was tired from my journey. So this bento was quickly prepared. I had brought back some organic yeast with which I breaded my onigris made of good quality rice. A real relief to eat good rice again. I just added some grated carrot, lettuce and some of leftovers of the vegetable stir. I have to agree that this Hoisin sauce makes vegetable stir tasty even cold.
But, geez, I’ve just landed, and I’m flying back again…sorry for low posting lately but I’m not near a kitchen lately, nor a computer!